Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Breaking the color rules of winter

I remember clearly when I was a kid how my grandmothers and other senior relatives followed "color rules" based on the season. That meant no white after Labor Day (and certainly not before Memorial Day), no patent leather except for in the spring, no pastels in the winter except for winter white, which of course then couldn't be worn in the spring or summer. It was dizzying trying to remember all the do's and don'ts.

Living in a warmer climate, these rules seems to not be as strict. There are some colors that seem to cross over between spring, summer, fall and winter. Like this bag by Alexander Wang. I managed to snag it on sale at Barney's although sadly it has sold out there. It's the Rocco bag in mustard. I think this could possibly be a year-round bag, as the color doesn't seem to fit a specific rule in the seasonal book.