Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Wedged into my shoe collection

It never really gets that hot where I live, and sandals aren't necessary for most of the year. But on those really hot days -- maybe 10 per year -- it's always good to have a cute option.

The wedge is great for height without needing a stiletto. And it offers stability too. Sometimes Calvin Klein is a hit or miss -- their mass-produced shoes aren't always made with the highest quality and as a result comfort and fit can be compromised.

I was pleasantly surprised with these wedges. They are really comfortable, don't rub my feet or toes, and are a welcome addition to my shoe collection. And while I won't be able to wear them a lot, they're unique and were a good purchase.

They're available in two color combinations at Piperlime, although I'm sure they are available elsewhere as well.

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