Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Boots, boots and more boots

I love boots and I always notice them on other people. Unfortunately, after multiple ankle injuries boots are not the easiest thing for me to wear. That and my calves are not built like a supermodel's. I usually shy away from knee boots for that reason alone. Last year I was able to get through the winter with the ever popular bootie, but this year I hit the jackpot and was able to score a pair of boots that not only fit my calves but are pretty darn good looking as well. Compliments of the Gucci outlet in Vacaville, they were a great price as an added bonus. Although I'd pay just about anything for boots that fit.
As if that weren't enough, I also in my state of boot-induced euphoria snagged a pair of booties, because one cannot live with knee boots alone.
 As an added bonus, both boots already have rubber soles which hopefully will assist me in avoiding wiping out on the sidewalk, which is one of my bad habits.

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