Wednesday, September 09, 2009

One great red bag

It's very easy to gravitate toward black, brown and grey handbags. At least for me. Several weeks ago I was in a Coach Outlet (aka Factory Store) and I stumbled across a bag that is not a new style, but caught my eye for the first time. I'm very picky about my bags and generally I've thought that Coach produces bags that aren't quite as sophisticated as I would like. That, and I don't want to see my bag on a 13-year-old. When I first saw this bag in red at the Coach Outlet, I couldn't stop thinking about it. In fact I made a special trip back to the store (armed with my additional 20% off coupon) and sifted through at least eight bags that were on the floor to ensure I purchased the most perfect one. Some will scoff because it has silver (and therefore produced specifically for the Outlet) as opposed to brass (produced specifically for boutiques) hardware, but I like the silver better anyway. As far as Outlet quality, that remains to be seen, but time will tell. Here is the Coach Large Zoe in Red:

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