Thursday, October 08, 2009

The good looking, smartly priced bag of the year goes to ...

Coach. Yep, Coach. They have come up with some product lines that have seemed more focused toward the younger set, say those without driver's licenses yet. The Poppy line is indicative of that thinking. I too had abandoned Coach until this year, when the Zoe caught my eye. My curiosity was even more piqued when I found them at the outlet stores and I just about fell over when I found additional 20% off coupons. That put me over the edge. I had to try one. I started with a deep red and was hooked. The bag is functional, holds a lot, and is fully lined in a beautiful satin material. Not only that, but you can't beat it for a durable weekend bag that inevitably is going to wind up in your cart at Walgreen's or Costco. Ah yes, the glamorous life.

This amazing bag comes in a rainbow of colors, although some have since left the outlets and are popping up on eBay. I've added grey patent and copper to my collection.

Currently, these bags are at the outlets for $279 + 30% off, and if you are lucky enough to find an extra 20% off coupon you're walking away for $156 for each bag. Now that, my friend, is value.

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