Monday, October 26, 2009

More skulls, right before Halloween

As many of us are figuratively chained to our desks during the work week, someone at Neiman Marcus online got the bright idea of a "Mid-day Dash." After hearing the grumblings of many others with regard to the utility of the items offered I began to think it was more of a "Mid-day Downer." Really, I already have a closet full of ball gowns to wear to my next 9 am status meeting, thanks. And the darling matching clutch that will hold all the files I lug around as well as a 15" laptop. Ah, sarcasm.

Leave it to someone at Saks to think of a better way to do this type of flash sale. This morning I got my exclusive email which gave me 24-hour access to merchandise that I actually could use. Casual dresses, jeans, larger bags, sweaters, scarves and sunglasses. All at 50% off. Now that's what I'm talking about!

And of course as I love just about Alexander McQueen puts out, I added a scarf to my collection.

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Harry said...

hey this is a nice image...
Good one...
This lady in the leather jacket is looking gorgeous..