Sunday, July 17, 2011

On the hunt for the perfect off white bag

It is really difficult to find the "perfect" off white (or bone) handbag. Mostly because there are so many variations of the color. White is sometimes too stark, and often an off white handbag has too much of a yellow undertone in it for my liking. I started out with the Coach Kristin Hobo, but it had too much of a grey, almost dingy feeling to it. So back it went. Admittedly I also get annoyed when my Coach bags go almost directly to the outlet after they are released, but that's a story for another day. Maybe I will re-buy my Kristin again, but only if it is deeply discounted.

I've come across another coup by Alexander Wang, and I have been a big fan for quite some time. His Rocco bag can do no wrong (well, except I would love it if it were a bit lighter). I think this new color, which he is calling Bone, is a great warm color, which I prefer. Alas, the price tag I do not prefer, so I'm hoping I can snag this one on sale at some point.

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