Monday, July 18, 2011

Some cheap bling (relatively speaking)

I was shopping at my local Neiman Marcus today and chatted up the sales associate in the Chanel makeup department. She mentioned that nail polish is the new impulse purchase as opposed to lipstick. I thought this was very interesting, but absolutely true. Cosmetic companies have been bombarding consumers with new colors every few months. And it is easier to go wild with crazy colors on your nails than on your lips. (Remember those horrible gothy lipsticks that Chanel put out a few years ago? They didn't look good on anyone.)

And of course, a new bottle of nail polish is $25 at Chanel, far below the price of a new Chanel bag, or any designer handbag for that matter. Cheap bling.

As nail color is the new impulse buy, I had to participate. Chanel's Fall 2011 colors are in stores now, and I felt the draw of buying two new colors, Graphite and Peridot.

Soon I will need more nail polish storage, but colors like this make it worth it. 

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